Lighten up for the weekend

Lighten up for the weekend ~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

This boy right here has the gift of joy.  In one hilarious blow, he can take the most stressful situation and turn my red face, that was steaming with frustration (most likely directed at him), red with laughter.  He thinks so far outside the box.  He can defuse almost any scenario with his shenanigans, if he chooses to.

Sometimes it’s a ploy to redirect my attention and save himself from certain death.  

But mostly, it’s just who he is.  It’s one of the best gifts of his wiring.  When he learns to harness it, and leverage it, he will be one of the most healthy, delightful, and charming people I’ve ever known.  We’re certainly working on that part!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . .

I’m learning from him.  I’m learning little tricks to flip the switch.  Because if I’m at my wits end, if you’ve pushed my buttons one too many times, or roused the monster inside me who feels the need to protect, well then, you might as well run or take cover.  Getting me to lighten up or crack at joke at that point is about as likely as King Kong changing his mind about getting the girl.

Probably not gonna happen.

But what if it did?  What if I decided for one day, or even one entire weekend, to focus on joy?  What if, when I start to feel my shoulders getting higher, my face getting redder, and my body getting tighter, I paid attention and made a different choice? What if I determined, in advance, that I would lighten up and not take things so seriously?

Things would be a lot more fun around my house.

You might even end up seeing a silly shot of my hair doing the wave.

What about you?  How could your weekend change if you decided to lighten up?

It’d be like setting down a heavy weight.  You can always pick it back up on Monday if you decide you really want it back.  It isn’t going anywhere.

All that intensity you’re carrying around isn’t taking you where you want to go anyway, is it? 

Set it down.

Let’s lighten up for the weekend, want to?

to more love,


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