Light despite the darkness

Months ago, we replaced all the lighting fixtures in our home.  All except one, that is.  Right smack dab in the foyer of our newly contemporary home, we still have a giant traditional chandelier.  I’ve been able to find all the other fixtures at great prices and we’re thrilled with how they’ve turned out.  So naturally, I thought the chandelier would be simple to replace as well.  And maybe it would be. . .

If money grew on trees.

But the size of chandelier we’re looking for has me wincing out of the corner of my eye at the prices on the ones I like.  As a result, in the back of my mind, I’m constantly dreaming and scheming of DYI chandeliers.  What could I rig up there that would be funky and cool and not cost more than my car?  

Alas!  Maybe this?!

As the boys and I entered the ride inside Hogwarts Castle last week, my eyes were instantly drawn to all the beautiful lights in the corridor.  In what could have been a dark and spooky room, individual candles filled the air, suspended in mid-air.  They lit the ceiling, revealing the stunning cathedral-like design that had been hidden until that time.

For this girl, looking for a lighting fix, it was breathtaking.  

I quickly snapped this pic (with the flash of course) to try to capture its beauty, to no avail.  But I’m hoping you can see the point. It’s not one giant chandelier lighting the darkness.

It’s the light of hundreds of small lights each doing their part. 

Desmond Tutu famously said, “Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite the darkness.”   The beautiful light in that corridor reminded me that it’s our responsibility, as individuals, to show up and be the light, despite the darkness.

If you’re feeling like you’re only one small light in a sea of darkness, take hope today.  

When we shine together, we reveal stunning beauty that would otherwise be hidden if we tried to shine alone.

Be bold with your light today, despite the darkness.

We need your light.

to more love,


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