The gift of laughter

When was the last time you let yourself laugh so hard those sneaky little tears rolled down the sides of your cheeks?  When we were kids we would let ourselves laugh hard and often.  But now that we’re all grown up, life seems so much more serious.   Even when things are hilariously funny, we’ve learned to contain our laughter.  We intentionally keep it under our breath.  Especially if you’re a cackeler like me. (Thank you Grandma!)

But laughter is healing to our bodies and our souls.  

Because of that, I’ve been looking forward to this morning for weeks!  I’m heading out to meet up with some girlfriends and Claire Billingsley, our featured guest for next weeks Laughter Yoga Girls Night Out.    We’re going to do a little mini session of laughter yoga live on our HeartStories Facebook page.  No doubt we will be sharing the gift of laughter to you if you join us.  So be sure to tune in around 8:45 if you could use a little endorphin release as you start your day this morning.  Maybe today, you need to step out of your normal mindset and join in.

Let go of your “adult” maturity and just laugh with us.

Claire says,  “At the beginning, it’s pretending to laugh, but our bodies don’t know the difference.  We’re short circuiting the decision-making process (the one that decides whether it’s cool or not).  We’ll channel our inner 5-year-old and give our egos permission to take a vacation.  Because one minute of belly laughter releases the same amount of endorphins of an entire hour on an exercise bike. (!!!)  

When you’re laughing, your heart rate goes down, endorphins are released and pain is decreased.” 

Now why in the world do we want to “adult” our way around in the world when we could just laugh?

Whether you can join us live this morning on Facebook, or next Thursday at GNO, doesn’t matter.  Laughter is a free gift you can give and receive at any time.  Relish in some laughter today.

Your body will thank you!

to more love (& laughter),


P.S.  If you’re on the fence about joining us live next Thursday,  tune in about 8:45 this morning to get a little sneak peek of what you’re in for if you join us in person next Thursday night.   The replay will also be up on our Facebook Page so you can laugh tonight if you

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