Together, we’ll rise higher

While the flooding in Texas continues, leaving families separated, and thousands stranded and suffering, they’re left watching their lives, as they knew them, being washed away in the waters.

In the middle of horrific circumstances and rising water, our nation is also rising up.

Strangers are showing up with their money, their boats, their hands, and any resources they have, to do the work.  They’re coming together to rescue, provide care and shelter for anyone in need.  All the walls that divided us last week are gone, as people show up bringing hope while meeting the basic human needs of their brothers and sisters.

For a little while, we’d forgotten we were family, but this tragedy in Texas is reminding us.  

Over the years, when it’s felt like life is crumbling down or caving in for Scott and me, it’s easy to get caught up in the fight to survive, and end up fighting each other.  We so easily forget we’re fighting together, not against each other.  The thing that helps us move through those difficult seasons the most is stepping back, out of the ring.  It gives us different view of the problem we are facing.  When we do that, it’s much easier to see that we both want the same thing.  We are fighting for the same result.

We’re on the same side. 

It’s just that sometimes, in the middle of the crazy we get confused about who we were fighting.  Once we get on the same side of the problem, our defenses immediately fall.  We can stop fighting with each other, because we’re working together to solve a problem that is separate from us.  That’s exactly what I see happening to our country through the tragedy in Houston.

“When the storm rips you to pieces, you get to decide how you will put yourself back together again.” ~ Bryant McGill

And you get to decide you’re on the same side.  

Storms change the story for us all.  

This time it’s for the better.  All of the love, kindness and goodness we’re showing for our fellow humans, is exactly what we’ve been needing over the last couple of years.

This is where healing begins.  

Let’s keep it going.  Let’s keep fighting for each other.

Let’s stay on the same side.  

The waters may continue to rise, but together, we’ll rise higher.

to more love,


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