In your struggle, you find your courage . . . and your story

One of my very favorite things about what I get to do for a living, is the privilege of consistently meeting women who are courageously showing up in the world to make life better for others.  By the nature of being constantly on the lookout for women to share their stories and their talents with us at The Girls Night Out, I get to hear their stories.

Their real stories.  

Of course, we usually start with the obvious, their families, their history and the incredible work they do.  But that story always leads somewhere deeper, because these passionate women who show up bravely to make change happen, don’t get there on accident. They’ve always had to fight for it.


And the story of the fight?  It’s usually personal.  They’ve had to personally face hardships and endure struggles that most people know nothing about.  It’s what made them strong.  It’s what gives them courage to speak, even when their voice shakes.

That story is no different for Claire Billingsley.  

Claire is a comedian, consultant, coach, TV Host, and Laughter Yoga instructor who will be leading us through a session of Laughter Yoga at our next GNO, one week from tonight.  When I asked her where her passion for Laughter Yoga comes from, this is what she said:

“I know what it feels like to build yourself back up, from the ground up.  My passion comes from living through it and getting out of it.  Laughter has helped me throughout my entire life, to get through tough times.  I’ve learned, first hand, the incredible therapeutic power of laughter.  As a result, I want to do is to empower women to step outside the walls that we put up that tell us we can’t do the things we want to do.  We all have gifts, and gifts are to be given, not to be hoarded.”

Laughter is Claire’s gift to the world.  

Let me just tell you right now, she isn’t hoarding it.  She shares it so freely.  I’ve experienced it first hand and it’s amazing. Because getting people to laugh, when there’s nothing particularly funny going on (even on a Monday morning) is no small feat.  It would be awkward, hard, and embarrassing for most people, but Claire is willing to go there because she knows it’s healing and it’s her gift to the people she serves.

What’s yours? 

What’s your story?  What have you had to fight for?  What’s been your biggest struggle and healing?

Your biggest struggle can lead your greatest strength, if you determine to do the work to make it.  It’s in your struggle you’ll find your courage, bravery and strength.  Of course it’s hard to see it when you’re right in the middle of it, but once you find yourself on the other side, you’ll find the passion that ignites the courage to bring others along.

That’s what HeartStories is all about.

Your unique story can become the fuel for your passions.  Your passions will lead to your purpose, if you let them.

All that’s left, is the grit it takes to show up bravely to give the gifts only you can give.  

We’re waiting.

We need you.  We need your story.  Don’t give up.  

to more love,


 P.S. It’s not too late to join us next Thursday at the Laughter Yoga GNO!  If you need a little reprieve from the weight of the struggle, you can find it in this done-for-you Girls Night Out, full of laughter, hope and love!  Grab your bestie and meet me there. 

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