The comfort magnet


Some days it’s hard to get up early, out of my comfy bed, to write.  No.  Let’s be honest.  Most days, it’s hard to get up early to write.  I’ve never considered myself a morning person.

I am, in fact, a serious lover of sleep.

So it makes sense that I’m often asked why I write every day.  Why don’t you just back off and write two or three days?  I get up early to read, pray and write because I care about you.  I care about showing up to offer you a little light in the tunnel.  To encourage your heart each day you’re in “the grind”, to see beyond the difficulty you might find yourself in.  If I can do that for you, even just one day, it’s worth it.

I want to get really good at it.

I want to hone the skills of paying attention, showing up and giving everything I’ve got.  Every day.  I want to grow.  And here’s what I know about growth. . .

“Your desire for comfort will always pull against your desire for growth.” ~ Margie Warrell


The pull of comfort is forcefully strong, like a giant magnet.  I see it in myself and in others all around me.  I want to write, but on any given morning, I’d rather sleep.  A friend wants to hire a different kind of employee, but she’s drawn to the same, comfortable personality.  I want a more vibrant, colorful wardrobe, but every time I shop, I have something black in my bag.

We want more purpose and connection, but we’d rather drink wine and make small talk, than get out of our comfort zones in ways (like our GNO) that lead to that kind of growth.   

When you notice the desire to stay comfortable pulling heavy on you today, pay attention.

It’s pulling directly against your desire for growth.  

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  ~ Thanks Albert.

Lean into the discomfort and do something different today.

Let’s do it together.

to more Love,


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