Rest. You’re worth waiting for.

Rest ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesWe got home from Utah last night.  Make that this morning… at 1:00AM.  We skied 4 days straight, changed in the car, ate dinner at the airport and waited.  

The flight was oversold and late. 

We ended up in the VERY last row.  You know the one where the seats don’t decline? That one. Oh and on this plane, it was also the row with NO windows. None. Zilch. Nada. No view of the outside world. With my neck as stiff as iron from that nasty wipeout I took, it was pure joy.

And then there was the part about the screaming baby. 

But these boys? They rested. They slept right on my sweaty lap on top of that pile of blanket the entire way. 

Clearly, I did not. 

So this morning when my alarm went off, all bets were off.  Scott so generously offered to email our teachers.  I took a mental inventory of everything I had to do… and decided to let it go.  I went back to sleep.  Because I’ve learned that rested mama, gets a lot more done with a lot more ease, than cranky, tired mama. 

In order to make it through today, I needed to rest. 

Now as I type, I’m feeling guilty, because clearly, all of this is a “first-world” problem. Getting to take a vacation, on a plane, to go snow skiing is all an incredible privilege.  One I’m extremely grateful for.  But I’m not at all complaining, in fact, I have a heart so full of gratitude this morning. 

That’s kind of the point. 

It’s easy to feel guilty about needing rest, when you have so many things going your way. It’s easy to compare your “tired” to the sister on your left who is struggling to make ends meet and care for her family.  But comparison is never the point. 

Taking care of yourself, is always the point. 

If you want to serve others and love them well,  you have to rest.  Sometimes in order to keep going, you have to rest.  You have to rest and not let feelings of guilt shame you for it. 

You have a purpose. You have people who need you.  

You’re worth waiting for. 


to more Love, 


P.S. You can still join us this Thursday for a little well-deserved rest, at our Simple, Soulful, Home GNO.  We’d love to have you! 😉

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