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That friend, HeartStoriesAt 4 o’clock this morning I woke up to my boys, shaking me saying “Mom, mom, there’s a tornado!”  They were scared to death.  Of course, being the empathetic, caring mom I am, before I even opened my eyes, I said, “There’s no tornado boys, everything is okay.”   Then a second or two later, my ears acclimated to hear the tornado sirens going off like crazy.

My activator tendencies immediately kicked in.  

I said, “Grab the dogs and meet me in the closet.” I woke up Scott, grabbed my phone, some pillows, blankets and water.  Then we all met up in the tiny closet under the stairs.

Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, it’s not like my days of growing up in Oklahoma when we had to stake out for hours on end, in the porcelain tub, trying to listen to the scratchy radio over the sound of the wind howling.  Nope.  We were all cuddled up comfortably, watching the weatherman and the radar on our iPhones drinking water, answering a lot of questions, and texting with the family to make sure everyone else was alright.

Once the storm was clearly passed, it was time to get those excited little minds back in their beds.  As I hoped for one more hour of sleep, I feared the onset of pallet building or scared little boys and dogs all piled in our bed.

But I hoped for the best and said, “Alright boys, time to go back to bed.”  They looked at each other and looked back at me with those scared eyes.  I said, “You guys could sleep together, you know.”   They immediately started discussing whose bed they would sleep in and out the door they went.

It was that easy.

They hopped in bed, instantly turned toward each other and started talking under their breath.  I said a prayer over them for peace, said “Goodnight”, (grabbed this pic) and walked out the door.  As I made my way back to my bed, I couldn’t help but be grateful for their precious friendship.

It’s not that hours before, they weren’t fist fighting as they got ready for bed.  It’s just that in that moment, when they were afraid and unsure, a friend they trusted was all they needed.  Having a friend who understood to be right there, within arms reach, made all the difference in the world.

It’s not only true of little boys during thunderstorms you know.  

We all need that kind of friend.  The one who knows us like back of our hand.  The one who’s not afraid to fight with us when things get rough.  The friend who doesn’t have to say a word, but her presence instantly calms our heart.  Just knowing she’s within arms reach is all we need.

You need a friend like that and so do I.

Be her.

That’s how friendships are forged.

Show up when the storms are raging.  Lock eyes from across the room to silently say, “I’m here“.  Take care of kids.  Take care of meals. Make phone calls.  Send text messages. Pray. (or if you’re my incredible friends, show up to price jewelry, make origami, package products, steam clothing, move furniture. . .)

Whatever it takes, be her.

Be the friend that makes life easier.  

One day you’ll need a friend like that and when you turn around, she’ll be there.

to more love sister,


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