Hope is alive.

Hope is alive. HeartStories ParisOver the weekend our newsfeeds reeled with the tragedy unfolding in Paris. It turned our attention from the debate over the red Starbucks cup, to caring for Paris, then partially to a debate over the importance of caring for Paris, in ways like painting our profile pictures on Facebook, etc. . .

Tragedy often reminds us that we are all the same.

Our mourning and sadness for the loss experienced by others can leave us feeling fearful and vulnerable in our own lives.  When we feel afraid and vulnerable, sometimes we do weird things, like debate over cups and the color of our profile pictures.

I was reminded yesterday by our pastor Andy, that even in the midst of loss of turmoil, Hope is alive.

It’s alive because it’s in you and me.  

Hope is alive when we show up to love each other.  It’s alive when we sit still together and heal each other’s hurts.  Hope is alive when we care for each other, even when we’re not exactly sure what to say or do.

While happiness is a condition or state of being, joy is a response.  Joy depends, not on our acquisition of something, but rather on our encounter with something.  Happiness possesses; joy appreciates.  Happiness grasps; joy beholds.” ~ Paul Thigpen

I see joy and hope in my own life in the faces of my friends, when they show up for me and for each other.

We don’t have to fly to Paris to help, most often that’s not an option anyway.  We can walk across the street.  We can pick up the phone.  We can drive around the corner, to care for those in our own circles.

Joy comes from serving, loving and sacrificing for others.

We may not feel the state of happiness, but we can choose joy and in so doing, we will keep hope alive.

While you’re praying for Paris, open your eyes even wider to see the people in your path who need your love today.

We need your love now, more than ever before.

to more love,


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