Celebrating the beauty of 40

Holly packing for heartstories summitThis is the year that many of my friends and I turn 40.

My whole life, I expected this year of going over the hill to show up like the grim reaper with aches, pains and despair.  Some of those aches and pains are most definitely there and I can tell my body is getting older.  But in so many more ways, this year is marked with celebration, not the dread of beginning to feel older. 

It’s a celebration when you find yourself surrounded by people who’ve known and loved you for more than a decade (or two) of your life.

Holly is one of those people.  She is a friend I inherited when I met Scott.  It turned out that she lived just around the corner from me at the time.  Literally, one block away.  Her warm heart and thoughtfulness were evident even way back then, before I really knew her.  She took time to stop and care, to get to know me.

I’ve thought a lot about the Holly I’ve come to know and the example she is to me and all three of her beautiful daughters.  So today on her 40th birthday, I thought it fitting to share, just the highlights, of her beautiful HeartStories with you.

This is Holly.

  1. She loves her people. Nothing takes precedence over her family and closest friends.  She’s worked hard to learn how to implement boundaries in her life and she does it with the greatest of love.  She is fiercely loyal to the people in her life.
  2. She stays true to herself.  She is a woman of great faith, love, creativity and joy.  All of those things exude from her life as unique gifts to the world.
  3. She sees the positive in everyone and everything.  In all the years I’ve known Holly, I’ve NEVER known her to talk poorly of anyone.  Her mouth speaks only to life others up.  She’s never afraid to point out the possibilities and gifts in a given situation.
  4. She embraces imperfection in herself and in others.  If you’ve been around Holly at all, you know that real is all you’re going to get and it’s all you’re allowed to be.  You can check your fake smile and pretending everything is okay at the door.  She’s not afraid to face your struggle with you and you can be sure, she’s going to dive right in.
  5. She brings the party everywhere she goes.  This girl can go from chilling on the couch to dancing on the ceiling in 5 seconds flat.  Her energy and zest for life are unstoppable.  And watch out, because they are contagious!

Let’s celebrate together, 40 years of a beautiful life so well lived, by learning from her example.  In honor of Holly try these things out this week:

  • Love your people.
  • Stay true to you.
  • Stay positive, don’t hate.
  • Embrace imperfection.
  • Have fun!

If Holly’s life is any indication, 40 is simply beautiful.

to more love,


P.S.  That picture.  What a memory.  She helped me shop for the decor for the HeartStories summit event and we crammed it ALL in my car.  Have no idea how she fit in there for us to drive home.  Love those memories!

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