Stay together, it’s worth it


While we spent over a year renovating our house, our next door neighbors moved out, investors bought in, gutted the house, completely remodeled and had it back on the market in less than two months.  In no time flat, we had new neighbors.  We’ve gotten to know them, little by little, over the past year.

But last Friday night was our best neighbor moment yet.

Our Fridays are usually reserved for family night.  We’re all ready to take a rest from the big week and get some face time with each other.  So we did our usual deal and went to dinner with the kids.   But when we returned, our neighbors were all out in the driveway.  (our only common ground, since we come in from an alley) What started as a quick hello, turned into lawn chairs and a cooler, in the little section of grass between the houses, while the kids ran around like crazies.

We laughed and told stories, while trying to keep Maria upright in her chair.

Maria is Dennis’ mother.  She’s German, through and through.  She was born in Germany, but ended up climbing out a window to run away and marry her American soldier sweetheart.  She moved to America, was married for over 60 years, and never looked back. Until her husband passed unexpectedly last year, on what was meant to be a quick visit to Texas to celebrate a birthday.

Her heart cracked wide open.

She didn’t know what to do.  So her daughter returned to California to sell their house and retrieve her most important things. Maria stayed here with Dennis and Shaun.  That’s when they became our neighbors.  Maria is doing well but, of course, still adjusting to this new life in Texas.

Her heart is still so heavy. 

Maria wants so badly to see others connect deeply, treasuring their moments together.  In her thick German accent, she looked at me and Scott, grabbed both our hands, and leaned in saying, “Stay together!  Come hell or high water, stay together. It’s worth it.”  I’d say after 60 years of marriage, she probably knows what she’s talking about.  And we can always use that reminder.

What about you?

Is there a relationship in your life that you’ve been fighting for, and today you’re wondering if it’s worth it? Could be your marriage or a friendship.  Could be with someone else in your family.  Maybe you’ve been thinking of giving up.  Maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s worth it.   Hear this message from Maria today:

It’s worth it.

Don’t give up.  Stay together.  The journey is worth it.

The person you must become to stay, is WORTH it!

You’re worth it.

to more love,


P.S.  This little note is obviously exclusive of any sort of abusive or unhealthy relationship.  It’s to the majority of us who are fighting through the daily grind, and sometimes muck, of the journey.

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