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Back in the closet again ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

It’s clearly Spring again in Texas . . . when mama and all her babies are huddled up in the closet.  Meanwhile Dad is out, wandering around, looking at the size of the hail.

That’s how we roll, every single time.  

Based on the pieces of hail they retrieved after the storm passed, I’m incredibly grateful we were in the closet, not the car.  It was literally the diameter of a golf ball!  But we were safe and sound.  Huddled up together with the aroma of stinky, steamy dog breath filling the air, bottles of water and tennis shoes. . . just in case.   Our time there together was a mix of laughter brought on by our resident comedian, and calming fears by all.

The storms don’t scare them like they used to.  

We’re used to this routine.  It’s been a part of the boy’s lives since the day they were born.  Many a Spring night, I’ve brought baby blankets and bouncers along with two doggie beds into this same closet.  Even the dogs know what’s up.  They know this is where we go, to be safe together, when things seem crazy outside.

Most often, that’s all we need to weather the big storms of life. 

We don’t need someone to make the storms go away.  We just need to know where to go to be safe, together.  We need to know we don’t have to face them alone.

We need our safe place, with our safe people.  

If you try to weather the storm alone, the stories in your mind can run wild.  With every thud of thunder comes a new threat of death or despair.   With every flash of lightening you’re reminded of impending doom.

But safe people can calm your fears, hold your hand and make you laugh right through it all.

Who are your safe people? 

Find them.

Do life with them.  

Be them.

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