Judging me, judging you

Crystal Gornto with Julian Placino - Pathways to Success Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting up with Julian Placino, the host of the Pathways to Success podcast to chat about HeartStories.  (Click here or the image above to watch the fun promo video)

During the podcast, we talk about my journey from employee to business owner, and all the skinny on the mission of HeartStories.

I dive into everything, from how I decided to pursue the purpose of connecting women, to the process behind creating the Girls Night Out.  I share why I’m committed to sharing the stories of women who’re living into their purpose and why I believe so strongly that our life experiences lead us straight into our purpose and passion.  We walk through a typical evening at a GNO and the reason for the different elements and experiences during the night.

It was my first time to describe the GNO in detail on air, so bear with me while I describe “the icebreaker thing”.  😉 

While thinking out loud about the purpose behind ice breaker activities we participate in when you arrive, I said something I’ve never heard myself say before.  I was describing how often, when you go to a girls night, a party, a work party, or wherever, you’re thinking about what people are thinking about you.  If you’re not intentional, you’re judging me.  And you’re pretty sure, I’m judging you.

It’s part of human nature, but it sabotages connection.  

That’s why when you arrive at our Girls Nights, we immediately start breaking that down, little by little.  We get you thinking about something beyond your sister’s outfit or her hair style.  You get to know something funny, random, or interesting about her life.

And she gets to know something totally random about you too.

It instantly gets you both thinking about each other as humans, as sisters, instead of participants in some strange contest.

At the end of the day it’s about helping you choose to listen to the stories of love, for yourself and others.

Choosing to be connected in authentic community.  

Doesn’t that sound better than judging me, judging you?

I think so.  

If you want to listen to the full podcast on your drive later today, or while you’re multitasking like I know you do, you can check it out right here.  Or click the image below.

to more love!


P.S.  The tag on – after the “first” end of the podcast is my favorite part!

Pathways to success podcast image

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