Sister friends (and great photoshop skills)

Sister friends ~ HeartStories

These are my sisters.  We had a little family gathering last night and my little sis had to sneak out before we grabbed the pic so I added her, ever so skillfully, into the pic.  You’re welcome.

We got together for a little early birthday celebration last night that resulted in the birth of some very strange and unusual hashtags.

If you grew up with sisters, you know.  There’s no one who gets you the way your sister does.  There’s no one else who can make you laugh at the dumbest thing, like calling desserts #scotchariskies or hashtagging the noises the coffee pot makes with #squeelwhizgrunt.  No one else can find it humorous, but you do.   Sisters, no matter where you go or what you do, you know they’ll always be there for you.

There’s an unspoken bond that can’t be broken.  

It’s not the blood you share, it’s not the city you grew up in, it’s not the high school you went to.   It’s not even the terrible clothes you wore or the strange food you ate.

It’s the TIME you invested.  

By default, sisters spend the majority of their lives together.  They learn to navigate the world and relationships, together.   They test boundaries and learn how to hold them.  They laugh, cry, live, and love together.  (Sometimes they dress up like plus-sized Myrtle and Ethel for the school play together and laugh so hard they fall over on the stage and can’t get up)

Sisterhood is the perfect recipe for best friends.  It’s like a contract of friendship that holds you together, even when you’re no longer interested in fostering the relationship.  (remember middle school??)  You’re committed, so you come back to it over and over again.   Like it or not.

When I look at that picture, I know it’s rare.  

I know it’s a precious gift that I’ve been able to spend my whole life with these three beautiful ladies.   I know that most women don’t have three sisters to count on like I do.  And there are probably many who wish they did.

Here’s the deal, you have a chance to create it in your own life.  

Of course you don’t have 18 years to get to live together, but you have the chance to commit to relationship with women you love.  You have the opportunity to show up and let yourself be known.   You can make your friends your sisters and hold the other end of the rope. 

Only you have the power to decide.  

What are you willing to invest?

We need each other now, more than ever before.

to more love,


P.S. Look out. . . 2016 is the year HeartStories is bringing connection back and it’s going to be fresh and fun like you’ve never seen!  I’m so excited I could squeal (like that coffee pot last night).  If you want to be first to know, make sure you’ve dropped us your deets below.  XO!

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  1. Love you very much Crystal! I’m so thankful and proud of our daughters ! Last night is a treasure I will always hold in my heart ! A real heart story !!!

    1. Thank you Dad. Love you so much too! Those moments are such treasure for all of us. Look what you lived! We are the legacy of YOUR heart story.

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