Keep growing, slowly

Do not be afraid of growing slowly ~ HeartStories, Crystal Gornto

Do you ever get frustrated when you’ve set a goal for yourself and you’re not getting there as fast as you’d like?  Do you feel behind on your health goals (ahem), career goals,  relationship goals, unspoken parenting goals, or even your intentions to live more purposefully?

You’re not alone.

If you’re anything like me, you have goals in your mind (and sometimes on paper) for where you are headed.  And you have a pretty good idea of when you’d like to achieve them (yesterday!).   We demand a lot of ourselves and our bodies, then we allow ourselves to be disappointed when we aren’t where we want to be already.

I set some pretty significant goals for my health this year.  I’m eating a little cleaner and working out (almost) everyday.  So naturally, after all these years of drifting, in one month and eight days, I should look like Wonder Woman, right?  I should be thin and chiseled and feel like conquering the world.  There shouldn’t be one dimple of cellulite to be seen.


It’s a SLOW moving train.  I’m finally feeling a little bit better, I might be seeing some changes in my body, maybe…. and after my pizza feast last night, this is when I might be tempted to throw in the towel and say, It’s not worth it.

But this is different than it would have been five years ago.  I’m a different person, really, totally different.  I’ve matured a lot and learned so many things.  One of the most significant is this:

Growth is hard and it takes time, no matter how badly you want it.

Just as much as you understood why I don’t look and feel like Wonder Woman after 38 days of working out and eating clean, give yourself some grace where you’re growing too.  Don’t give up because you aren’t there yet.  Please.

Keep growing, even if it’s slowly.  

Girl, you are on your way.

Just don’t stand still.

to more love,


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