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My kids are notorious for hurting themselves and being afraid to look.  The think that if they delay seeing the would, it will somehow get better on it’s own before they have to see it and actually do something about it.   They come wailing and crying to put that skinned elbow up in my face with eyes full of fear and say, “Is it bleeding??

I do this too sometimes.

I avoid looking directly at the painful scenarios in my life, especially at first, because I don’t know what’s there and I’m afraid of what it might be.   I’m afraid it will hurt. I’m afraid I’ll feel helpless.

So I cover my eyes and look the other way.

This can be especially true of a difficult election season during an enormous refugee crisis.  It’s true of parenting.  It’s true of budgeting.  It’s true in so many areas of our lives.  It’s easy to feel fear and have the urge to look away to protect ourselves from feeling helpless.  But looking away only fosters more fear.

Nothing in life is to be feared.  

It is only to be understood.  

Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less.  

~ Marie Curie

Fear is a signal that you need more information.  

When you feel the fear, that will inevitably show up at some point today, look it in the eyes.

Look to see what you can learn.  

It will help you fear less.

to more love,


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