Rolling together


Thanks to all the hard work and coordination of my sister Kim, we went to Six Flags on Saturday with my extended family.  The crowded park was full of families, celebrating Holiday in the Park.   Our plan was to ride roller coasters all day, but we ended up standing in lines most of the day, waiting for food or rides, while trying to convince a couple of kiddos of the general safety of those screechy coasters.

That part didn’t go so well.

But on the occasions we were able to lure them onto the rides, you know what helped them enjoy it more than anything?  The family being together.  Yep, we would let people pass us as many times as it took, to make sure we were all in the same row to board, all at the same time.  And that, made all the difference.  When each of the kids could see the other kids laughing, they felt like they could laugh too.   When they could see the mamas waving their arms and shrieking with joy, they could rest a little easier.  With each ride, they found the courage to try another.

Roller coasters are easier when you know you’re not alone.  

Life is too.  There is an unspoken comfort in life when people who love you are buckled in right beside you.  When you’re creaking up a mountain that you’re sure ends in a sudden steep drop, you feel more courageous when you’re holding your sister’s hand.  The dark tunnels, twists, turns, and endless loops?  They’re all less daunting when you feel connected to people who care.

It takes effort, determination, and commitment to gather your tribe.

To make it work, you have to roll with whatever comes your way, together.  You have to be ‘all in’ or you’ll end up all spread out.  You have to find your people and stick together.

The ride is so much better when you roll together.  

to more love,


P.S.  In honor of rolling together, I opened up our first-ever membership program for the HeartStories GNO Sisters last night.  So if you’re local and you’ve been attending our Girl’s Night Outs,  you can now sign up to join us, hassle free.  No monthly registration, no missing out on the dates.  It’s all done for you.

We’re now officially, rolling together.

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