Sister on!


I watched I Love Lucy quite a bit growing up.  Oh the messes Lucy and Ethel would get themselves in.  Seems like it was almost always Lucy’s idea, but once Lucy was committed to something, you could be sure to find Ethel by her side to the bitter end.

That’s what best friends, and sisters, do.  

Having sisters is like having built-in best friends.  Even if it seems like you’re nothing alike, there’s that common bond of sharing life together.  You know each other’s secrets.  You know each other’s stories.

But not everyone had the privilege of growing up with sisters in their family.

That’s why God gave us girlfriends!  Girlfriends are the sisters you choose.  You might meet her because she’s your neighbor. You might work at the same company, go to the same church or have kids at the same school.

No matter how you meet, you choose her because you like her, and trust her enough to be yourself with her. 

You build a relationship that ebbs and flows.  You work your tails off hard on projects and laugh them off at the most inappropriate moments.  You sit together in silence, when life is too much to bear alone.  You scheme up plans that don’t always end well.  Laughter and tears.

Hopes and dreams.  

Over time, friends become sisters.

And with sisters you are never alone.  

To honor the birthday of two fabulous twin sister friends of mine, I have an idea.   Let’s spend the weekend scheming up some rendezvous with our sister friends everywhere.

This is not a drill.

I’m serious.  If you’re reading this right now, text a friend and meet her for lunch.  Or walk out your front door to grab a neighbor to share coffee with.  Make a dinner date.   It might be awkward for a minute. .  . and that’s okay.

You’ll never find your best life inside your comfort zone.

Happy Birthday Holly & Heather!  We salute you.  😉


Sister on!

to more love,


P.S.  This is why we get together for our GNO the first Thursday of every month.  Come join us and check it out.

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