It was the end of our first day of skiing.  We were leisurely making our way back to the condo on an empty run.  The scenery was so beautiful I wanted to take it in and remember it. So I’d decided to pull out my phone to capture a little video.

Moments later, I look ahead of me on the trail to find this pile of a human.  

My sweet Noah had also been strolling along, looking at the scenery when suddenly he found himself buried in a snow bank.  Laughing.  He was too tired to get up and it was too funny not to laugh.  We both laughed hysterically while digging to find his missing ski and dusting him off enough to see to ski home.

Isn’t that the way life goes sometimes?

You’re meandering along, minding your own business, just taking it all in, when all of a sudden. . . BAM!  Out of nowhere, you faceplant.  It can happen so fast, you don’t even know what hit you.  Sometimes, it’s the end of an already long day and you’re just too tired to get up.

Next time this happens to you, take a lesson from Noah, and laugh.

You might be feeling some pain.  You might be wanting to curse the wind.  You might be in complete shock, but dig deep and try to laugh.

Turn your faceplant into a memory.

The good kind.

to more Love,


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