For those days, there is gratitude

Do you ever wake up feeling like it’s groundhog day?  Like you’re running the exact same gauntlet you ran yesterday?  I certainly do and I have a sneaky suspicion you do too.

For those days, there is gratitude. 

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward

Some days you long for rest.  Some days you long for adventure, just something outside the normal hum drum.  Some days there’s a low – level dissatisfaction with the normalcy and repetitiveness of it all.  Then the unthinkable happens, and we long for groundhog day again.

Even for those horrific days, there is gratitude.  

At GNO last Thursday, we created Gratitude Buckets for this very reason. Through Chelsey’s Bucket Lists, we made a list intentional experiences we want to share with the people who matter most to us this holiday season.  We also created a little space during our time together to close our eyes and reflect on what we’re grateful for.  We wrote a few of those things down and we’re continuing to fill our buckets at home, with our families.

For those busy days, there is gratitude.

Whatever your situation today, close your eyes and search your heart for the gifts in your life.  Your home, your people, your work, fresh food, running water . . . even when life seems scary, unsure, and full of chaos, you can cultivate gratitude.  And it will change you.

For those chaotic days, there is gratitude.  

Gratitude brings peace.  It doesn’t take away the pain, heartache or struggle, but it brings peace to your heart right in the middle of all the chaos swirling around you.  Peace with the life you have. Clarity to realize the power you have.

And the courage to do something about it.  

When you wake up on Election Day, thinking of all the other things are your list that need tending to and start to tell yourself your vote doesn’t matter.  Gratitude reminds you that you have freedom.  You have choice.  You have a voice.

Even for Election Day, there is gratitude.  

to more love,


Image cred: Kristi Bell

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