My favorite moments from the weekend


This was our first weekend in a long time without ball games, meetings and crazy schedules.  We soaked it all in.  And by “soaked it in”, I mean we literally soaked in all the mud, river and slim we could find.

We spent two days exploring in the creek near our house.  

We built bridges and shot BB guns.  We discovered shark teeth (for real!) and fossils.  We found all kinds of interesting things, like tiny glass bottles and mini metal torpedoes.  We asked lots of questions and imagined stories about how they might have arrived in that riverbank.  All while I played with portrait mode on my camera, capturing memories we’ll keep for a lifetime.  (I’ve shared my favorites below)

We made space for play and exploration in the middle of our busy lives.

That kind of space is so rare, and so needed.  It makes us slow down and shave off our to-do list.  It brings tranquility. It simplifies our thoughts.  It opens space for creativity and connection.

It cements our humanity amid the rat race.

You don’t need a fancy vacation to be intentional about getting away to create memorable experiences.  You certainly don’t need to go get muddy in the creek either (although I highly recommend it).  You just have to carve out a little time to let everything else wait.  While you spend time in your body, instead of your to-do list. . . and play.

You can take 30 minutes, or 5 hours.

Totally up to you.

Try it and take away more than shark teeth, fossils and torpedoes.

You’ll take away memories.

They may end up being some of the favorites of your life.

to more love,


P.S.  Our Girl’s Night Out was built on this idea, that making space for play & creativity leads to more connection, purpose and joy. (minus the mud) If you’re running a little low on any of those and need a little nudge in the right direction, learn more right here.  Then come join us.  You’ll be glad you did.

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