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This is Crystal Alison, she was the winning creation of one of our tables of ladies during our last Girl’s Night Out.  She was half me, I think only because of the headphones and the little doggie.  She was half Alison (who had just shared our fashion tip of the month) because of her high-fashion outfit with the skinny jeans, statement necklace, and leopard print shoes.

She was 100% fun! 

I love that she’s holding on to that one side of her headphones. . . she’s listening intently, especially with her hand on her hip like that.  She’s determined.  Do you know what she’s listening to in those headphones?

She listening to love.

Those who haven’t been on the HeartStories journey since the beginning often ask, what the red headphones are all about.  Are they medical?  Area they some sort of fashion statement?  What do they mean? 

Our red heart-shaped headphones are a reminder to replace the negative soundtrack that often plays in our minds, with a story of LOVE.

We made a little video about this concept here.  The soundtrack of negativity that we too often get caught up in is what we refer to as“noise”.  It’s that little voice in your head that repeats all your mistakes and shortcomings.  It can easily drown out the wonderful truth about who you are and who you are meant to be, in a sea of shame and doubt.  The purpose of HeartStories, is to help you recognize this noise for the lie it is.

And replace it with Love, for yourself and others.

The name HeartStories is a reminder to live the stories that come from the Love in your heart, and refuse to be held back by the stories that can so easily swirl in your mind.

Crystal Alison is choosing to listen to Love.  

I write, host GNO’s, and do everything I do through HeartStories, so you will too.

Replace a little noise today, will you?

to more Love,


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