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It’s been a beautiful week of love.  I’ve seen pictures of families sharing elegant homemade dinners.  Couples gussied up for date nights.  Friends sharing stories of enduring love & support.  Kids celebrating their gratitude for the teachers who serve them day in and day out.

And lots of hilarious Ryan Gosling memes too (ty Deb).

These days, it can be hard to balance a week of celebration and joy in the middle of a world full of so much hurt and angst.  Sometimes it seems like we should pause all celebration and only feel sad or mad with our big activist hearts. But that only leads to feeling guilty about enjoying where we are and what we have.

That’s not good for anyone.  

When we have strength to celebrate and love, it is our responsibility to do it. We can hold space for the sadness, anger and hurt.  Yes, of course.  And we fight for the weakest and hurting ones.  We hold up the light, but we aren’t consumed by its flame.

Life ebbs and flows.

Thank God for that.  It means we’re meant to take turns holding each other up.  Just like the birds flying in V formation and cyclists riding in pacelines.  They save their energy by catching a break from the leader’s updraft.

It’s not always your turn to mourn or struggle and that’s a very good thing.  

Sometimes it’s your turn to rest and celebrate.  Your turn to shine a light of hope.  It might be your turn to hold someone else up.

And we need you to take that turn and embrace it.  

If it’s your turn to struggle, try to shift your perceptive to gratitude, knowing that the ones who are celebrating have their struggles too.  Instead of criticizing their joy, take rest in the shelter of their wings.  Come along beside them and be encouraged by their flight.

Your season of celebration will come too.

While that’s a wrap on the week we focus on love, please keep showing up and doing your very best to love.

We need you, wherever you are. 

to more love,


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