Love still wins.

~ Crystal Gornto | 10-6-heartstories-gno

Waking up this morning, after the town hall debate last night, has so many thoughts swirling through my head.  This election has been so divisive, my stomach turns at even the thought of it.  The hate, slander, name calling, bickering and abuse that I’m seeing, not only on TV, but among friends, and acquaintances, in Facebook comments and across dinner tables, is breaking my heart for our country.

But I haven’t lost hope.

I haven’t lost hope because of nights like last Thursday.  At the GNOs, I see women, who are leaders in business and in their homes, showing up to love and connect at their very best.  They rush in, hair still on fire from their busy day, but determined to show up anyway.  Their bodies are tired, but their hearts are hopeful.  These women expect to find trust, connection and the love of sisters like family. . . and they do.

We’re creating a fun little refuge from the crazy of the world. 

While half of the country is googling the word misogyny (hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women), we’re proving the opposite is possible.   We’re staring into the face of hate with openness and love.  We’re overcoming exhaustion with joy, but we’re not content to only talk about the easy issues.  Authentically sharing our stories is like grabbing a sister’s hand and guiding her through the darkness to the light switch.

And when that light comes on. . . you see a sister’s crazy outfit and realize. . . you are never alone.   

There is still good.  There is still love.  There’s still hope, light and fun to be had in the world.  Sometimes you may have to look a little harder to find it or work a little harder to kindle it, but it is there.

All is not lost.

Love still wins.  

to more love,


P.S. If you’re reading this post – it’s likely you are one of us, or you love a woman who is one of us.  Come join us live or hangout with us online.  We’d love to welcome you!

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