A midwife, not an epidural


Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go.  Both times I had babies, I wanted it to be so natural. I was insistent on not having an epidural. . . until Pitocin induced labor.  Then you can just forget about it.  So to be clear, this is NOT a story about only having a “natural” childbirth experience.

It’s a story about sistering and grace.  

This is my friend Margie.   We joined a small group bible study together about a month ago, led by Elizabeth.  Instantly, the first day, I knew I was going to adore Margie.  She has this tender, calm and soothing way about her that makes you just want to get closer to here.  And she is wise.  So wise.  The kind of wisdom that comes from living life with the curious mindset of an explorer, never a victim.   With all of those things combined, she has a strength about her that is beautifully unshakeable.

I’d trust her with my life.

So it was no surprise the day I found out she was a midwife.  It makes perfect sense.  Everything I just described makes her EXACTLY the kind of person I’d want standing next to me while I’m simultaneously experiencing the most joy and pain I’ve ever felt.  So it’s no coincidence that I’m taking “The Wisdom of Story” course with Brené and Glennon, they shared this example about the role of wisdom, grace and community in the most painful, difficult parts of our stories.

They likened it to a midwife.

They explained that the wisdom of our own experiences and those of the women we share life with can guide us and comfort us, but won’t protect us from pain.

“It’s not an epidural, it’s a midwife.  It’s not like if you believe in all this, understand all of this, nothing will hurt.  It’s just going to stand next to you while you hurt saying, “I can’t make it go away, but I know this part and you’ve got to push.  And it sucks.  But it’s worth it and you don’t have to do it alone.”  ~ Brené & Glennon

The wisdom of your experience can’t protect you from pain the next go-round.  The wisdom of your sister’s experience can’t make your pain go away.  But that grace will stand beside you and remind you that you’ll get through it.

And it’s worth it.

Who do you call into your life to help guide you through your story?  Who have you shared your story with in order to guide them through theirs?

This is what sistering well looks like.  

It’s a midwife, not an epidural.

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