Looking for love

I used to love Coca-Cola.  I mean, it was one of my very favorite tastes.  I’ve intentionally swapped it for sparkling water as a small step toward healthier living, but I’ll still take one down on special occasions, or with certain foods like pizza or Mexican food, as a way of celebrating.

So it was unusual yesterday, that I busted out a can of Coke in the middle of the day. 

I was warming up leftover pizza from the weekend for lunch when I opened the drawer to grab sparkling water and saw a can of Coke.  We don’t typically don’t keep them at the house, but apparently it was leftover from a recent party.  I also don’t typically eat leftover pizza for lunch, but apparently it was a perfect storm.  I decided to just go for it!  Why not?!

But then I saw it.  

The Coke I was about to open had a football helmet on it.  Of course, it did!  I wouldn’t ordinarily notice that helmet or stop for one single second to think about it, but on this day, of this week, it was like a neon-flashing sign.  With our Football 101 Girls Night Out coming up (tomorrow!) I’ve got football on the brain!  Because it turns out that planning an event around football for women, creating a Football 101 GNO workbook, and setting up an environment for women to enjoy learning the basics of football together, isn’t as easy as it once sounded when we first decided to plan this shindig.

Like, not easy at all. 

But nonetheless, I’ve had a (red) helmet on my desk for weeks.  I have a red, HeartStories jersey on my chair.  I have sheets of eye-black on top of my stack of papers.  I’ve been conversing with the football players who are our “Featured Guests”.   Football “this” and football “that” have been part of everything on my to-do list.  Unconsciously, I was eating pizza and drinking Coke at midday as a way of treating myself to a little break from the football crazy.

That helmet on the can was taunting me.  

It was like it was saying, “See, you’re going to LOVE football by the end of this thing!”  Except that it wasn’t.  It was just an innocent helmet on a can.  It was my own brain that was taunting me.  It was the stories I was telling myself about the red helmet on the can.  I decided to laugh about it and take this picture for you because it actually says a lot.

What you see in life is directed by your thoughts. 

It’s like reading a fortune cookie that says “You’ll find love this week”.  Your mind will be on high alert for love.  You’ll be looking for love everywhere you go, and most likely, you will find it.  You’ll find it in the most unexpected places, solely because you’re expecting to find it.

Why not decide to start each day looking for love?

Look for goodness.  Look for kindness.  Look for generosity.  Look for only the best in people.

You will find it. 

I know it’s easier said than done, but when you realize you have the power to change what you find, it seems like a no-brainer.

Look for the love you’re hoping to find. 

to more love,


p.s.  I’m looking to see YOU tomorrow at Football 101 GNO! I promise you’ll find loads of love there.  Get your ticket today.

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