What courage looks like

Sometimes, at the end of a Girls Night Out (like the one we’re heading into TONIGHT) full of laughter, fun, connection . . . and a lot of hard work behind the scenes, I get to sneak into a photograph with the one who is always behind the camera photographing the rest of us.  And apparently, this is the face I decide to make?  I’m not sure if it was an “Oh my gosh, we got Vanessa in a photo!” type of face or a “Hey look Ma, I made it!” face.  Either way, after it was all over, I was feeling something strong about being in a photo with Vanessa Corral.  It could just be that Vanessa makes me feel strong.

She makes me feel brave and courageous.  

We had a chat yesterday about our “shot list” plan for tonight’s photography during the Football 101 GNO.  I’m always a little nervous to give feedback to an artist about their work.  Mostly because I’m not a photographer, and I don’t know the first thing about what it’s like to capture, edit and deliver hundreds of photos from a one-night event.  I can only imagine! But I wanted to pass along some ideas about what to capture tonight.  Knowing Vanessa’s intention in her work with women is all about empowering and encouraging them to be their bravest selves, I just said exactly what I was thinking.

I was hoping it would land the way it was intended.  

Not only did Vanessa welcome the feedback, she got excited about learning more about what we’re looking for in the way of photography for the evening.  In fact, by the end of it, we were planning a lunch date to look at our event photos and talk through which ones are our favorite and why.  It felt so good, like she’s 100% on our team.  Even though Vanessa has her own business, focused on personal branding for women, for that one night every month, she is absolutely on our team.  Of course, it’s what a professional does, but for Vanessa, it’s about so much more than just the job.

It’s a beautiful example of what mature, authentic friendship looks like. 

Sometimes it’s showing up to the awkward conversations and asking for what you need.  Sometimes it’s being open to feedback without defensiveness because you care about the other person.  Beyond that, it’s a whole new level of maturity when you openly ask for more feedback, because you’re a true champion of the person, the relationship, and serving people to the best of your ability. Those are the kinds of friendships that make you brave.

They are the friendships that inspire courage in both parties.  

If your life is presenting you a chance to show up with a friend to ask for what you need, do it.

If you have a friend who cares enough to provide honest feedback and ask for what they need, receive it, with open arms.

This is how strong women do life and friendship. 

It’s what courage looks like.

to more love,


p.s. It’s not too late to show up with a friend tonight for a fantastic girls night out.  Join us!

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