Look for the Love

If you’ve received a note in your inbox from HeartStories over the last year, you’ve read the writing of this beauty.  Meet Megan Moore, the generous and kind soul behind the wisdom you receive in your weekly love notes from HeartStories.   I met her last year when we were in a pinch for volunteers to support our GNO event.  Our mutual friend Angela, introduced us, and after one phone call, I knew instantly she was a perfect fit for our team.

She is wise, confident and peaceful.

I get this deep sense that she can’t be rattled.  Her story is such a beautiful one.  It includes a journey from a marketing and event planning career in the music industry in Nashville, to following a calling in her soul, to go back to school to become a marriage and family therapist.  That journey led her to Dallas, where she is now officially licensed (& open to offers!).  Her desire to uproot her previous plans in order to do work she feels called to, make a meaningful impact in the world, wasn’t what she had planned.

It certainly wasn’t the expected path. 

It hasn’t been the easy path.  It has been the growth path.  The trust path.  Sometimes it’s been the waiting path.

For Megan, in this moment, it’s exactly the right path. 

Yesterday was her birthday and I had every intention of sharing this post to share the celebration of her beautiful life and example with you, but things didn’t play out that way.  (It only took a certain child of mine about one minute at my computer, to completely lock me out, requiring an hour long call to Apple, a hard drive reset and a recovery mode maneuver that wiped all my passwords and a million other things.)  Clearly today was the right day to celebrate Megan!

We teach our kids it’s important to “look for the helpers” in a crisis situation.  

In a busy, and often harsh world, when I’m looking for partners, teammates, and even friends, I look for the love.  I look for the kindness.  I look for the ones who seem to care for others, more than expected, more than is “normal”.  I look for the ones who are willing to risk what is new and unknown in an effort to make life more meaningful for others.

You know them, they are the light houses. 

The ones like Megan, who make you feel seen, known and cared for.  The ones who are present with you on a deep level, even during a quick chat.

You know them, because most likely, if you’re reading this blog, you are one of them.  

You might not realize it, especially in the middle of the everyday-ness of your life.  But you are a light to people who are looking for hope.  Your simple acts of kindness and care, shine a beautiful light, even when you think no one is looking.

In a world that often seems harsh and cold, look for the love.

It’s everywhere.

Be the love.

We can always use a little more.

Happy (belated) Birthday Megan!  Today, we celebrate your beautiful life!

to more love,


(If you’re interested in learning more about “looking for the helpers” in a crisis situation, make sure to grab your ticket fast, to join us for our fun and informative “Staying Alive GNO” on September 6th.  It’s a Girls Night Out that could seriously save your life.)

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