Don’t take “no” for an answer

Noah is determined to learn to back flip.  It’s been such a fascinating experience to watch him try, over and over and over again.  I thought surely after a few hard falls, he’d be ready to surrender, but that has hardly been the case.  He’s watched what seems like thousands of instructional videos with tips on everything from creating a landing pad, to protecting your neck and all the steps to take in between.

He’s going to learn to back flip, I have no doubt.

Last night he asked for my help to spot him with a little extra lift on his legs to help get the over the top.  I don’t think it turned out quite the way he hoped, but we sure had a great time doing it.  Oakley sat there videoing the whole thing, while Noah landed wrong on every single limb of his body.  Oakley and I each earned a few unexpected battle wounds.  All of us laughed until we couldn’t laugh any more.  He’s already in there, at it again today.

He’s not quitting.  

We could all use a dose of that child-like faith and determination these days.   As we grow older, our self-confidence and determination that we WILL succeed begins to wane.  Fear creeps in and we so easily dismiss opportunities to try something new as “impossible”.  At least I know I do.  There’s no way I am going to try to learn to do a back flip right now.  Just watching him crash, time and time again is plenty enough evidence for me.

It’s such an obvious and easy “no”.  

But it makes me wonder what else I’m writing off as a “no” before I even attempt to figure it out.  I can tell you one thing, it’s pouring fuel on a spark that was lit for me over the weekend.  I’ve decided not to resign myself to stay inside my comfort zone, just because a certain door appears to be closed.  I’m going to try every key in town.  I will see what’s on the other side, even if I have to break it down.  Even if it’s scary and there’s a chance it will hurt.  I’m not going to sit inside in safety and stare at that closed door.  Noah’s not giving up on that back flip.  I’m not giving up on opening the door.  What about you?

What’s a dream that seems impossible in your life today? 

Which closed door have you resigned yourself to accept the obvious “no”?  I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that none of us grows without working hard to push through fear and discomfort.  As evidenced by the photo journal above, even in the middle of the struggle, there is laughter and joy.  You just have to look for it.  Go take another look at that door today.

If you knew you could open it, what would that be worth? 

Don’t take that obvious “no” for an answer.

We’re counting on you. 

to more love,


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