For the mama with mixed emotions, on the first day of school

Look at those babies!  Whose kids are those? The first day of school always brings with it so many emotions, both for the mamas and for the kiddos.  This mama is READY to get some order back into my life with a schedule and some routine for all.  And, at the very same time, there’s that familiar twinge of sadness, mixed with a little guilt, over the fact that they are growing so fast and summer is already over.  I’m wondering if I gave them enough of my summer.  Hoping they feel as loved as they truly are.

As we said our prayers and goodnights last night, I was reminded that it’s all going to be just fine.

Of course they have the normal “First Day of School” apprehensions about classes, friends, homework, teachers and schedules.  They don’t want to let go of the freedom of the summer.  In fact, they’ve been making jokes about school buses being like a free ride to jail.  Which is of course ridiculous, because they really love so many things about school.

They are also thinking about others.  

Our kids are watching, both yours, mine and the neighbor’s down the street.  They are listening.  They are paying attention to things we never dreamed of when we were their age.  They’ve taken in their previous experiences as part of their worldview.  They know what it’s like to be new.  They know what it’s like to be different.  They know what it’s like to sit alone.

They’re leading the way.

If you’re apprehensive today, I want you to know there are kids who are looking for the lonely ones.  There are kids who are paying attention.  There are teachers who truly care.  And most of all, whatever happens, will grow your baby into a stronger, wiser, more loving and compassionate person, because of your guidance and love.

You did enough this summer.  

They know they are loved.

They know how to love.  

It’s going to be a great year.

Trust that.  

to more love,


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