Don’t get stressed, get playful

I woke up this morning dreaming of this spot.  This is me hopping back in the car after standing in the snow watching the boys sled down a little hill on the side of the road with their older cousins.  Up and down.  Up and down.

It’s amazing to me how they get too tired to do homework, but they never seem to tire from this kind of play.

I remember this moment well because I was too cold and too tired to join them. (and maybe just a bit too afraid of breaking something in my advanced age)  So Scott and I sat in the car with the heater on and talked while they played.  We tried to take video, but mostly we just laughed about the way their different personalities come to the surface when they are playing.

It was incredibly entertaining. 

Who has the plan, the strategy?

Who is the ringleader that gets the “team” onboard with the plan?

Who takes charge when things go wrong?

Who appears dauntless and seems to believe they are bulletproof?

Who pays attention to the details?

Who makes everyone laugh?

They each naturally selected their roles in the middle of that snowy hill and leaned into them. . . and it worked.

They could have stayed all night.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our adult lives were more like that snowy hill?

What if, when you’re stuck on the side of a mountain with some friends (or co-workers), you decide to laugh hysterically?  What if, instead of fearing the fall, you work together to come up with a plan?

What if you play a little bit, instead of stress?

Maybe even sneak in a snowball attack or two while you’re waiting for your part?

You’d naturally be drawn to do the things you’re good at.  There would be less comparison and judgement.

You’d enjoy your life a whole lot more.

Get out and play today if you can.   Even if you can’t, just look in the mirror and make a silly face.  Take a selfie with your tongue out.  Laugh.

Think of that mountain your climbing as the side of a snowy hill, just waiting for you to conquer it with your sled.

Don’t get stressed, get playful!

to more Love (& play),


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