Light still overcomes darkness

Girl's Night Out in Frisco HeartStories GNO 7.7.16

Last night was a wonderful night at our Girl’s Night Out in Frisco.  We laughed (& got a little teary) and connected with each other in authentic conversations.  We took a breath from our crazy-busy lives and relaxed, together.  We learned a little more about ourselves and how we relate to the world around us.

All kinds of Love filled that room.

These ladies were open, generous, and kind.  We leaned into the notion that every part of our lives is shaping us into the woman we’re meant to be, giving us exactly what we need to show up and shine our light in the corner of the world that only we can reach.  We gained courage and strength by listening to each other’s behind-the-scenes stories.  We talked about seeing beyond our exterior facades, beyond first impressions and conceived notions, straight to the heart of the woman inside.  I watched them practice that kind of love, in real-time.

I saw hope, healing and courage. 

Meanwhile, just as we were closing and getting ready to leave, extreme violence and horror broke out in Downtown Dallas, just 25 minutes away from us.  Innocent police officers, who showed up to work last night to keep the peace, were brutally shot, injured and killed in a senseless act of hate.   The streets, news channels and social media outlets were filled with despair, hurt and fear.

It was a shocking contradiction to the experience we were leaving. 

We were leaving with open, full hearts, only to feel them torn apart and broken minutes later.  I was so high with excitement about seeing women ready to love and support one another, that for a moment, I could barely even take in what was happening in Dallas.  I went to bed with a hurting heart.

I woke up this morning not knowing what in the world to write.

So I waited for words, knowing words can’t make this better.  But then, as I sat down to type, I realized we need words.  We need words to unite us, to bring us courage and remind us that we are not alone.  We need words to help us see that the world is not full of hate.  Yes, there will always be hate and anger, but love will always overcome them.

 So here are my words to you today:

Look in my eyes weary one and take heart.  Keep showing up.  Lean into courage.  Keep forgiving.  Resist the temptation to let hate grow in your heart.  Most of all, see beyond the external facades of others and grow in your Love.

Keep shining a light in the darkest places.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it.

to more love,


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