Life gets crazy quick, stay connected.


Why is it that when I say, “Make a crazy face!”, I’m the only one who usually does it?  Then my pics always turn out like this.  I look crazy.  He looks normal.

Don’t tell me it’s just because I’m crazy. 

We knew that already.  At least I try to be.  😉 This photo in particular, was in front of a giant tiki head, statue with its mouth open, looking all angry.  It’s too bad you can’t see that part.  If you could, my expression might make more sense.

Oh well, this is just me and Scott. . . making our crazy faces.

Despite the way it might appear, we both had a great time together in California, reconnecting.  We laughed a lot and had some big conversations.  That time alone together even gave us the space we needed to share some of our own made up stories, in our relationship, for the February “Reel Love” Girls Night Out  (one week from today!) about how the screenplay in your mind influences your love relationships.  And boy do we have them, just like everyone else!

Mostly, we just spent alone time together.

It’s amazing how the conversation changes and mood shifts, when we spend time alone together.  We don’t get to do it as often as we’d like at home.  Scheduling date nights and little weekend trips like this, are so helpful to keep us connecting. Because as soon as that plane lands or the car pulls back in the driveway, it’s back to “reality”.  Back to the craziness and the everydayness of life.  It’s incredibly important for us to have those good experiences, better understandings and deep connections to draw from.

But it’s not only important for romantic love relationships.

It’s so important for ALL our love relationships, including kids and close friends.  As I mentioned yesterday, you never know when the crazy is going to hit.  Could be a friend in a really stuck situation who needs a listening ear, and shoulder to cry on. Or it could be a child facing a brand new life situation, who needs to know they can trust you with their heart.

Those connections are built over the long-haul.

They can’t be manufactured quickly in the middle of life’s crazy.  So make a commitment today to foster deeper connection with the ones you love most.  In case you’re feeling lost about where to start, here are a four quick ideas to help a sista out:

  1. Start journaling together in the Q & A a day book for couples – or use it for date nights.
  2. Do the same with your kids with the Q & A a day for kids book – you’ll love what you learn! Get it out and talk about it once a week.
  3. Grab a copy of Scott’s book, The Stories We tell Ourselves and start paying attention to the stories you tell yourself in your relationships.  They are causing you anxiety and blocking you from deeper connection.  (trust me, I know this one from personal experience!)
  4. If you’re local, come to GNO next week, in Frisco.  Girl, this is exactly why I created it.  We need a consistent place to meet up, to laugh, to share stories and stay connected.  If you’re local, it’s a no-brainer, grab your besties and meet me there.  If you’re not, text them right now and make a date.  Of course it’s a little more work, but you can do it.  And it will be WORTH IT.

It doesn’t really matter how you do it.  The key is to stay consistent.  Show up.  Lock up your screens.  Be intentional about connection.  You never know how much you need it, until you do.

Life gets crazy quick, stay connected.

to more love,



  1. I’m so proud and thankful for you and Scott

    1. Thank you Dad! I’m so proud and thankful for YOU! <3

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