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As I was driving away from a meeting with these three beauties in the bright Texas sun yesterday, I had to stop to grab this pic.  They were so gleefully crossing the parking lot, all huddled up close. And I was thankful.

My heart overflowed with gratitude.  

Emily, Meggie, Kelly, Erin (not pictured) and I had just finished discussing partnership agreements for the Girl’s Night Out.  As you can imagine from the picture, we had a great time.  We laughed and told stories.

We got stuff done.  

It was one of those moments when you know you’ve been in the right place with the right people.  Although we were discussing business and there was a lot on the line.  It felt more like a generous dance, where each partner was doing their part while still looking out for, and staying connected to the other.  Business hasn’t always felt that way for me, but I’m learning it can, and it’s entirely up to me.

It turns out, that what matters most are the hearts of the people sitting around the table.  

When you surround yourself with people who show up and bring their very best to the table, for the good of the whole, beautiful things happen.  Creativity flows.  New paths emerge that no one could have dreamt up on their own.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Driving home, I reflected on that process, two ideas stuck in my mind: (well, maybe 3)

  1.  Since it’s true what Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”, then I want to be even more intentional about spending more time working (& living) around women like that.  
  2. I’m deeply passionate about forging a path for women in business that leverages the creativity of our wiring for connection.  
  3. I need to get out more. 😉 Too much of my day is spent behind a computer screen.

Who do you choose to gather around the table with?  

Do they bring their very best to the table for the good of the whole? Do you?

If you’re looking for a creative new path, the best route is quite likely around your table.  

to more love,


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