Let the rest simmer

This brisk autumn air in Texas is bringing me all the feels for my very favorite time of year.  It reminds me of this moment in Central Park last fall when my sisters and I were celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday in NYC.  Nearly the same moment we stepped into the park my eyes locked in on to this golden beauty and my heart lept.  (and a ridiculous photoshoot ensued)  I can’t fully explain the love I have for this season.

Fall is everything to me. 

The changing colors of the trees.  Warm sweaters, fluffy blankets, crackling fires, and steaming mugs of anything warming my cold fingers all make my heart feel comfortable and calm.  The top is off the jeep for the foreseeable future.  There’s a Simmered Cider candle poured in a copper mug sitting on my kitchen countertop.  In this very moment, I can feel a long, slow exhale of all the rush and crazy of this whole year, followed by an equally slow and deep inhale of the chilly fall air.

Steady, breathing out and breathing in. 

The mounting to-do list is still there, along with all the pressure that goes with it.  Nothing has *really* changed.  It’s only my perception of space and control.  Something about not being constantly hot, sweaty, and completely averse to going outside for fear I might die, gives me this newfound sense of control.  It’s like I feel empowered to move things that are currently boiling over to the back burner and let them simmer for a while while I focus on what matters most.

In the fall, I let all the things simmer down. 

It’s obviously why our next HeartStories Girls Night Out is called “Simmer Down”.  It’s an invitation to collectively put that holiday frenzy (that’s already threatening your sanity) on the back burner and let it simmer for the night.  I can’t think of any other gift I’d rather give busy women this fall.  We’ll be slowing things down with comfort food and our own brand of steamy beverages for a handlettering class led by Molly Stephenson.  We’ll end the night hand-lettering the word “Simmer” on a mug to take home as a simple reminder of the space you can create in your own mind when you decide to tell your anxious thoughts to Simmer Down.  

I hope you can join us, but even if you can’t, remind yourself to make some space this fall. 

Slowly exhale the rushed pace you’ve been living.

Breathe in deeply the crisp autumn air.

While its coolness fills your lungs, let it be a reminder that fall is a wonderful time to simply let things be.

Make space in your mind and heart for what matters most in this season.  

Let the rest simmer.

to more love,


p.s.  If you need a fun and easy moment of intentional peace with some of the women you love this fall, grab your ticket today and share this with your girlfriends.  Let’s Simmer Down together.

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