Glimmers of joy in the mundane

Who doesn’t love a little joyride every now and then? 

I wouldn’t typically categorize our morning commutes to school as “joyrides”, but yesterday was different.  After we ran through our usual routine of showers, breakfast, and chores, it was time to secure Walter’s doggie diaper before we went out the door.  As I closed the second velcro tab, assuring him “I’ll be right back”, I felt his increasingly frail little body and looked in those precious brown eyes.  It suddenly occurred to me that while the weather is divine, and the jeep top is off, Walter might enjoy going for a little ride, instead of moping back to his little bed for the day.  We know we don’t have much time left with him and he’s always loved the wind in his face.

So that’s exactly what we did.  

I carried him out to the care, much to the boy’s delight.  Just like that, we turned our morning drive into a joyride.  Noah held him on the way to school and I held him on the way back.  No trumpets.  No fanfare.   Just one simple decision in the moment.

That’s all it took to turn our quick morning drive into a memorable joyride, both for Walter and for us.  

It was a great reminder for me that no matter how busy we are, or how mundane the Groundhog Day routine may feel, there are simple ways to infuse life with more meaning.  There are things we can do to make the moments more joyful, more memorable.

You can make the moments matter.

Sometimes we’re waiting for the “special” moments.  We’re waiting for birthdays, anniversaries, or even just Fridays.  But while we’re waiting for someday special to arrive, the opportunities to create something special are passing us by, minute by minute.

You can turn a simple drive into a joyride today.

Call a friend.  Sing that song you love at the top of your lungs.  Listen to a podcast that fills you with hope, yes, even if you only get to listen to part of it.  Take the family dog along.  Use your morning commute to school to tell your kids that even though you have to parent them, you really see them and you’re incredibly fond of them.  It may seem insignificant, but I assure you, it is not.

Those are the moments that bring glimmers of joy into the mundane. 

They’re only one small choice away.

to more love,


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