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During our June Girl’s Night at The Vine, these three beautiful women shared their stories with us.  We talked about the parts of their journeys that led them to find work they’re passionate about.  For some, it’s a moment.  Like lightning from heaven that ~ “This!  This is the thing I’ve been waiting for all my life.”  For others it’s a series of events, a running of the gamete, or a game of trial and error.

For some it’s a guessing game.  

Because of the work I do, I get the privilege of being a part of these conversations and these journeys often.  What’s interesting, is that almost inevitably, once women feel like they’ve figured out what they’re being called to do, they immediately start to see all the roadblocks in the way of them pursuing that calling.   They see their full calendars and remember how busy they are during this time in their lives.  They realize how risky the whole proposition would be if they just took the leap.  They start to feel shame about shifting their priorities.  There is SO much here that I’d love to chat with you about, but for today, I’d like to focus on one thing.

That night in June, one bold, single mama raised her hand to ask about priorities.  

She opened the door for us to talk as a group about what it can look like to find ways to start small and still start.  To begin to move toward something you feel called to do, even if it doesn’t look like a full vocational shift.   We talked about the power of connecting with people who need your help and then just showing up in the ways you can.

It’s powerful sister.  

If you feel led to create a service for women whose lives have been torn by human trafficking, start by volunteering for someone who already provides those services.  If you feel drawn to create art through fashion, start by offering your gifts, a few hours a week to a start-up company that would be forever grateful for your help.  If you want to pour into the lives of kids, start by volunteering your time teaching kid’s classes at your local church or gym.

You don’t have to have a plan to change the world.

Sometimes you just need to light a match and start walking into the darkness.  You just need to be able to see far enough in front of you to take the next step.  Believe me, I know about this one.  And girl, I’m telling you. . . you will be so humbled to see how your little flickering flame will light a path for others who were nervous to get up and light their own.

The journey is scariest in the dark, alone.

But when you choose to light your match, you will see that, you are never alone.  

to more love,


Until you can do what you’re called to do, do what you’re needed to do. ~ Beth Moore


  1. Oh my gosh. Crystal I swear God is communicating with me through you these days. Recently so many of your posts have hit so close to home and the season I’m in. Beth Moore’s quote hit me like a ton of bricks and I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this. Thank you for sharing! You are DEFINITELY a light in the darkness friend!

    1. Oh Leah! I’m so glad to hear this. I’m humbled that God would use these words to speak to your heart. I hope you’re encouraged through those tears. Whatever you’re going through, it’s making your beautiful heart story! Love you friend.

      1. Love you too!

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