Keeping it hot

Last night we got together with our small group from church and in honor of Scott’s (25th) birthday, we all pitched in to make his favorite dessert and things got a little hot.  Flames danced in the pan while they sang their beautiful rendition of the birthday song.

That’s a pretty good representation of our marriage and life together.

No one has ever accused us of being room temperature, the flames dance a lot.  We’re both off the charts on the passion factor, which has its pros and cons within the relationship.  Things get heated often and easily, but one thing I know for sure is there’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with.

He’s the one and only. . . and always will be.  

During our little family birthday celebration, we went around the table saying all the things about Scott we appreciate and what are grateful for.  It made me realize that we should do that a whole lot more often.  I run so fast through my busy, demanding life, that I don’t stop often enough to really see him, and appreciate him out-loud, for all the ways he makes this world, and my life, a beautiful place.

When I can step back out of my own self-focus, to look at Scott and truly see him for who he really is, I see a courageous man with a huge heart, who treasures his family. 

I see a hardworking man who provides for us, beyond anything I ever dreamed.  I see a loyal man, dedicated to showing up for the people in his life, even when they don’t reciprocate.  I see a brilliant man, who loves to learn.  I see an adventurous man, who loves to explore.  I see a driven man, ever dedicated to learning, and becoming, to the very fullest of his potential in every area of his live.  I see a committed man, who is dedicated to loving me and the boys with his whole heart.  There’s nothing more I could ask for in a person to share my life with.

So today, on his birthday, would you join me in honoring Scott, by taking a step back from whatever the flames are in your relationship to truly see the person you love?

Whether it’s your kids, your spouse, or a friend, tell them what you see when you get past your own self-focus.

What do you see when you look through the flames in your relationship? 

Focus on the person you love, not all the fire in the periphery.

There’s no better way to honor the ones we love.  

Happy Birthday Babe!

Thanks for always keeping it hot!

to more love,


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