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Rachel Rogers was living the American dream.  She had a charming husband, two kids, a passion for art and a great house in the burbs.  Then one day, she looked around and realized she was spending a whole lot of time cleaning and tidying, but not sitting down, enjoying her family at dinner.  And  having this home wasn’t helping them achieve their long-term goal of having a smaller home on a little bit of land

They wanted to focus on quality over quantity. 

So together they decided for right now to just sell it.  To get rid of it.  So they sold the house and a lot of the possessions to go along with it.  While their apartment is cozy, Rachel says they’ve had more time to focus on things they’re passionate about. Things that are making them happier, healthier, more mindful and more whole.  

They’re focusing on what it is just to “Simply Be”

She’s laughed more, and cried more, since making that choice.  “It’s not the same for everyone.  Simplicity looks different for each of us, and it’s all relevant and important. But to focus on being so present and “simply be” has been life-giving for me.” 

When she decided to stay home with her babies (only 2 years apart), it was an emotional experience. 

It felt like she was giving up a little bit of her identity and credibility.  She wrestled with that, but she knew it was the right choice for her family.  She was soon able to turn her passion for pretty, beautiful happy things that make people smile, into something that also helps other people.  Like painting watercolors to raise money for St. Jude and Hurricane Harvey survivors.   She’s enjoying art in a variety of mediums, from brush lettering, dipped in calligraphy, pencil work, mixed media and painting custom commissioned canvases.  While she loved being an artist, she learned that creating art is very expensive.  So she decided to make cookies on the side, as her “passion project” and a way to supplement her income to fuel her passion and buy art supplies.  

As passion projects sometimes do, her cookie-making took on a life of its own.  

Her home baking business is now, Simply Rogers.  Because she is learning to simply be, Rachel Rogers.  She loves being able to help people dream up what they want to create for all their special occasions instead of flipping through the book at the grocery store.  She loves teaching others and, of course, modeling a life of simplicity, presence, passion and hard work for those precious kiddos of hers.  

Making cookies, and becoming Simply Rogers, has taught Rachel a lot. 

The creativity of making cookies has taught her about patience, grace, imperfection, flexibility, rolling with the unexpected and embracing the messiness of her life.  Sounds like we could all use a little more “cookie making” in our lives.

What it might look like for you to “Simply Be”? 

Maybe it’s living with less.  But maybe it’s simply paying more attention, noticing and appreciating the life you already have.  Maybe it’s letting go of perfectionism and embracing the joy in the beautiful mess around you.

Whatever it is for you, take this moment to breathe deeply, and consider what it could look like for you to loosen your death grip on the outcomes.

And simply be.  

to more love,


(Of course, Rachel is going share her story and lead us in a fun cookie decorating class on Thursday night at Girls Night Out.  We’ll each have our decorating kits with colors, icing and cookies.  It’s sure to be sweet as we focus on “March Made Simple: The Messy Art of Creating a Beautiful Life (& Cookie)” at GNO.  All we’re missing is you.  Join us.)

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