The Sunny Way

It’s the weekend!  It’s time to have some fun.  For me heading into the weekend means a little rest, time with family and friends.  Hopefully it does for you too.  But I’ve noticed recently there is a friend I miss on the weekends.

It’s Sunny.

This bright ray of sunshine (above) is my new work “BFF”.   We met last year, when she began attending our Girls Night Outs.  She stood out because she’s such a positive presence.  She may not be the most outgoing person in the room, but if you’re lucky enough to engage with her, it’s impossible to miss her kindness and maturity.  There’s a beautiful depth to Sunny that clearly didn’t come on life’s easiest path.

I’m so grateful Sunny’s path led her here.

Over the last year, the GNO event series has truly blossomed into something all it’s own.  It’s been incredible to watch it all unfold.  At the same time, it’s been difficult to navigate the increase in the workload, while continuing to deliver and improve the unmatched experience of connecting busy women with joy, meaning, purpose and fun.  In December, I became fully convinced that there was no way I could continue to juggle all the different pieces alone.

I needed to find an assistant.

If you know me at all, you know it couldn’t be just anyone.  It needed to be someone local in Frisco, that I could see, face-to-face.  It needed to be someone fully invested in the mission of connecting and encouraging busy women to live the stories of their hearts.  It also needed to be someone much more organized than me, but who could navigate calmly through my chaos.  It needed to be someone who noticed the details and enjoyed coordinating them (ALL of them).  Someone friendly, but focused.  Basically, it needed to be a miracle worker.

How in the world was I going to find her?

I created a job description and application process.  I posted it everywhere I could imagine. I told everyone I knew and interviewed loads of qualified candidates.  And then, one day when I was about to press go on making a decision, I got a random Facebook message from Sunny:  “Crystal, I saw that you’re looking for some part-time help and I am SUPER interested!”

Needless to say, the rest is history. 

This girl is my person.  She’s smart, kind, witty, and wholehearted.  She’s not afraid of being vulnerable.  She’s lived enough to know courage is the only way forward.  And she LOVES the details.  There’s not a mouse in town that could sneak into that event room without Sunny making sure they were registered!  But she clearly sees the big picture.  She knows where we’re going and she’s not afraid to put in the work to get there.  She’s determined to make it easier for other women to find the connection, joy, meaning, purpose and fun they crave.

Sunny is currently saving my life. 

Of course she’s lightening my workload and improving everything at HeartStories, but she’s also encouraging my soul.  I was looking for support with my work.  I wasn’t expecting to find a friend.  But it makes sense that I did, because as Shasta Nelson says, “There are 3 requirements to healthy friendships – positivity, consistency, and vulnerability.Sunny shows up with them all!

She’s showing me what it looks like to be a good friend (& colleague).  

She’s showing you too.  As you head into the weekend, think about those three things.  Are you showing up in those ways in your friendships?

Positivity * Consistency * Vulnerability

If not, try it “The Sunny Way” this weekend.

to more love,


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