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Ashley Founder of Flora with Keds, It could happen anywhere | HeartStories

On a trip to Boston, Ashley VanBuskirk, founder of Flora Stationery (& one of our  Love Makers) met with Holly Curtis, a designer at Keds.

Holly spent time answering questions and mentoring Ashley before delivering surprising news that will impact Ashley and Flora, in such a beautiful way.   When I watched the video, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how Keds is going to help Ashley spread her message. They’re not changing their business model and they’re not scrapping the whole thing to start from scratch.

They’re creating ways to give back with the products they’re already making.  

(Watch the whole video below.)

Ahsley Van Buskirk, Girl Crush, Keds | HeartStories

Today, I want to point out that it doesn’t take an extreme business makeover to make a difference.  It can start with one simple change.  One step in the right direction.

Keds may never know all the lives they will touch as a result of this decision.  

The ripple effect of Ashley’s work will live on forever when Ashley is able to sell more products and put more women through college in Kosovo.  The women who receive their college education because of Flora Stationery, will create better lives for themselves and their children.

The world will never be the same.

Way to go Keds, for doing something.

Congratulations Ashley, on receiving a gift you fully deserve, that I know you’ll pass it on to generations to come.

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  1. Along that same line it’s important to know the ownership of the business’s we deal with. In Minnesota there is a local bank that looks like any other bank but the ownership is a foundation not stock holders and the profits go to fund work the foundation does in the community. Where would rather put your money?

    1. Exactly. Great point Quay!

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