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Here in North Texas it’s officially “Giving Day” which means matching gifts and huge financial support for local non-profits.   My news feed and my inbox are overflowing with messages making sure I know that today is the day.

If you’re local and able to give monetarily to a cause you care about, do it today!

I was thinking though, you might have a heart to give and really want to help, but be in a situation that won’t allow you to give financially.  So I thought I’d throw out another option.

Why not give a little of you?

You might only have a couple of hours a week or you might have 20, but anything you can give in the way of your time would be a huge gift to a non-profit organization or even a start-up for-purpose enterprise, like the one’s we support with Shop by HeartStories.   Now, before you open your mouth with a list of reasons why you don’t have the talent, the skills, the childcare, the …. whatever to bring any value, let me tell you something.

You do.

These organizations have all kinds of opportunities to do things.  If you can type on your computer at home, sort a spreadsheet, sort products, post to social media, write an email, take pictures, fold letters, design a website or a postcard . . . pretty much anything you can do with consistency and commitment, would be a huge help.  Much of it can even be done from your home.

So today, wherever you are, don’t scroll past the posts asking you to give.  

Look at the word give, and realize it doesn’t have to be financial.

You can give Y.O.U.  

If you sense you’re supposed to get involved in some way and don’t know where to start or who to reach out to, reach out to me, here.  I have a big vision for supporting these organizations and I will connect you!

We’re creating a service to streamline these types of connections in the future, but for today, I don’t want you to wait another second.

You never know where it might lead.  

to more love,


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