Is your mirror dirty?

If your mirror dirty

Over the last month, two different friends have reached out to me from very dark places.  Oddly, they’re both going through a similar experience even though, their careers look entirely different, they are many years apart in age, and they live on different coasts of the county.

Each of these women is beautiful, generous, creative, successful, and insanely talented.

But they’ve been involved in work-related relationships that have beat them up, emotionally.   They’ve become weary and lost some sense of their own self-worth in the process.   They started to believe that weren’t as talented, strong, generous, creative and successful as they once were.

Hearing their stories crushed my heart.

It also brought out my ferocious mama bear.  My first instinct was to jump in and rough some folks up.  lol.  A lot of good that would do!  Not very helpful.  

Once I gathered my composure, what I know to do is remind them of who they are.

The best thing I could do for each of them was hold up a clean mirror.  Yes, they are weary.  Yes, there are tears.  But in that mirror, there is still a beautiful, lovable, amazing woman who will be even stronger than before.

She’s still there.

It’s certainly not her fault.  She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.  She deserves to be valued, appreciated and supported.

She deserves to be loved.

And so do you.

I don’t know what you’ve been through this past year, or in your lifetime, but I know one thing.

You deserve to be valued, appreciated, supported and loved.

No choice you’ve ever made can make you less worthy or deserving of poor treatment.  You’re an imperfect human.  You are worthy of love and belonging.  And you aren’t alone.

Please reach out to a friend today if you think you might be seeing your reflection in a dirty mirror.  Just say the word.  You know she’ll be there.  And she’ll bring her Windex.  😉

We are all in this together.

to more love,


P.S.  If this wasn’t to you today, I know it’s for someone.  Please pass it on to a friend you love.  Today might be the day she really needs to hear it.

P.S.S.  If this was for you, reach out to a friend AND please don’t feel any shame about reaching out to a therapist, minister or coach.  There are people specifically trained to support you in exactly the way you need it.  They’ve helped me personally time after time, again and again.  You are worth it.


  1. Thanks, way cool what you said

    1. Thank you Glenna! You’re way cool! 😉

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