Are you ready for a new story?

HeartStories Youtube Video play buttonWith the new year in full swing, I imagine some of the old stories in this video might be creeping up on you.   Take one quick minute to watch it . . .

It really is amazing how quickly one small, seemingly harmless, little thought can turn into a cascade of thoughts streaming through our minds that tell us we aren’t enough.   I know it happens to me.  If I leave my thoughts unchecked, they can go downhill fast.  Especially if I add a little social media scrolling to the mix.

I’m guessing you’re familiar?


You shouldn’t have to live feeling trapped with that negative noise playing on repeat in your mind.  No one should.  We can help each other.


This is what HeartStories is all about.

And we’re going back to the beginning.  Stay tuned, very soon we’re rolling out some exciting new ways to get connected to other women who are traveling your same journey.  Women who are ready to replace that noise with truth and love.

Women, just like you, who are ready for a new story.

We can help each other.

We will help each other.

Community: we were made for this.

I can’t wait!

to more love,


P.S.  If you want to be the very first to hear about what we’re up to, shoot me a note here.  I’ll personally reach out to you first.

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