Feeling understood

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There’s so much to be said for feeling understood.  When someone looks you in the eyes and says, “Girl, I hear ya“, it changes everything.  You instantly know you’re not the only one.  You feel a little less crazy for what you’ve been thinking, feeling or doing.

It’s like a permission slip.

It’s like she just slid a note across the table that says, Me too.  

That’s my friend Kalee.  That’s what she does.  Kalee writes a blog by that name, Girl, I hear ya.  She brings women together around the idea that competition and judgement between women stinks.  She insists that we support each other when we fail, because we surely will.  Her battle cry (like mine) is that we should be unapologetically ourselves and that we should never feel alone.

Kalee and I don’t get to see one another very often, but when we do, it’s no surprise that I feel understood.

There is no judgement for anything I’ve done or not done since we last met.  There’s certainly no competition, only an open heart and mind.  I feel completely supported because she’s always looking for ways to help me, or connect me.  I feel a little less crazy.  Less alone.

Just like you, I rush through my life and often don’t take time to truly connect with other women.   

I keep up with most of my friend’s lives on Facebook or Instagram and only get to hug their necks every once in a while.  It’s even more true for the women who truly get what my life is like running a social business that cares more about people than profit.  Then there’s the whole other level of motherhood that keeps me running in and out of the house, often in my yoga pants (you know, the comfy ones that don’t have anything to do with yoga) to drive kids to school, practices, and doctor’s offices.  Life is super busy for us all.

But when I make the time for friends like Kalee, who understand, it makes all the difference in the world.  

I always learn something new that helps me work better, faster, or more effectively.  She connects me with someone I should know in my industry. She drops some wisdom on me that changes the perspective of my entire day.  Or maybe she simply helps me feel not so alone.

No matter what, it changes me for the better.  

Her friendship helps me replace some of the negative noise playing in my mind and I do the same for her.

Who was your Kalee this week?

I really want to know.  We all need someone who is in our corner.  Someone who gets us.  Someone who fights for us.

Never underestimate the power of feeling understood.  

I need that.

And so do you.

to more love,


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