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As a society, we place a lot of value on knowledge.

It’s more than getting into an esteemed college or getting a certain GPA.  It’s making sure you don’t start any task without first fully understanding exactly how to complete it.

It can easily become a crutch. 

I see it in my kids often.  When they encounter a task they don’t know how to do (could also insert don’t want to do), they say “I don’t know how” as a crutch, an excuse.  It’s a stall tactic.   It’s true, of course.  After all, they’re  just kids.  There are a lot of things they legitimately don’t know how to do. 

There are also a lot of things they’re afraid they won’t succeed at doing, so they use I don’t know as protection against failure.

But, it’s beautiful to watch them learn how to do something, while they’re doing it.  

When they have to tinker around  and break something and start over, It turns out so much more beautiful and creative than it would have if I’d walked them through the step by step instructions.

Instructions work well if what you’re looking to do is complete a job that’s already been done before and just needs repeating.  The knowledge route will totally work.  But if it’s changing something that’s wrong in the world you have in mind, the willingness to try and fail is more important.

As a result of a disruption in travel plans, I ended up taking the boys to the 6th Floor Museum at The Book Depository in Dallas this week.  It was such a cool experience to walk through, looking at all the historic photos and artifacts surrounding the life and tragic death of JFK.

He was an inspiration in his life, that lives on even in death.

In the audio presentation,  we were able to listen to several excerpts from his speeches and they sent chills up my spin.  The way he saw the world, the way he saw the value in the contribution of individual American citizens, …. He held firmly the belief that we are responsible to create individual change.

The boys always love visiting the gift shop and this trip was no exception.  They each found things in line with their usual selections and we spent time narrowing down the options.  Noah was trying to decide between coin necklaces imprinted with quotes by President Kennedy.  The one he chose made my heart smile.

Dream of things that never were, and ask why not. ~ President John F. Kennedy

If you want to create change that matters, not knowing how is a beautiful place to start.

When you dive in to figure it out, what you discover will be your gift to the world.

That’s the good stuff, that will live on.

We’re waiting.

To more love,


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