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Grandma's Light | HeartStories

Sometimes at night, I use the flashlight on my phone to light my path.

Last night as I was getting in bed, in the darkness I noticed a bright circle shining on the white sheets.  It caught me off guard, it was way to bright too be the moon. When I looked, I welled with tears.

It was Grandma’s Light.

My grandma loved costume jewelry. After she passed in 2012, my resourceful and creative sisters decided to gather her collection and put it to use. They bought mirrors and glue. They spent hours gluing Grandma’s jewelry to the bases. Then they gave them to us as gifts.

It’s been on my nightstand ever since.

When a glance over at it at the end of a long day, I can sense her presence there with me. I can feel her praying for me.  It’s been such a beautiful gift, always reminding me of her love.

Tonight, was a little different though. As I turned to grab the covers, my flashlight caught her mirror just right, creating a beautiful reflection on the white sheets. It might sound a little hokey, but she lit up the room and certainly my heart.

Tears filled my eyes as I remembered the way Grandma lit up the room like that when she was here.  She loved so deeply.  She loved so generously.  She loved out loud.  Her light was so bright.

It still is.

It’s amazing how much we miss the bodies of our loved ones, but their spirits stay with us. I’m so grateful Grandma is still here with me, lighting up the darkness.  Reminding me of my history, my story.

What kind of light will you leave behind?

No really.  Who will remember your light?  Will it light up the room for them on a dark night, after a long, hard day?

Those days will come and they will need your light.  

The way you choose to live your life today is your gift to the world around you.

There’s really not much else that matters.

Make it shine.

To more love,



  1. I was so touched Crystal by what you wrote about my mom and your grandmother . John Maxwell says “true success is when those that know you the best love and respect you the most ” Stephen Covey wrote in seven habits of highly successful people. “Live with the end in mind”.What will those who love you say at the end of your life and after Your gone. Your grandma was a great success . We named you Crystal because we knew you would be a great bright light to many . I’m so proud of you !

    1. Thank you Dad. Yes! She was a HUGE success. You are too! Your light will be filling up rooms for so many years to come. I love you!

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