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We saw the movie War Room last week.  It’s full of great encouragement and inspiration, but for me Miss Clara is the highlight of the whole film.

She is a strong and sassy older woman who fights the battles of her life in prayer in a closet she calls her war room.  

She’s determined to support and encourage younger Elizabeth to fight her battles in secret, through prayer, instead of face to face with the people in her life.  Miss Clara teaches Elizabeth to have it out with God behind closed doors, because very few of us know how to fight the right way or understand who we are really fighting against.  Through the film, Elizabeth remains strong and confident in front of her husband and her daughter, but she learns do to her fighting and find her strength, in her closet.

No matter your religious beliefs, there’s a lot to be said for what goes on behind closed doors.  

Most of us keep it together in public places.  To our colleagues, our neighbors, our friends and sometimes even our family, everything appears just fine.   We are strong, brave and content.

But we’re fighting battles most people know nothing about.

Life is hard.  Almost everything that’s worth it is hard.  And it’s worth fighting for.

Whatever you’re fighting for behind closed doors today, know that you’re not alone.  We’re all fighting.

But please don’t try to fight alone.  

Elizabeth had Miss Clara to encourage her, but only because she was vulnerable enough to share her hurt.  She had to work hard to create space in her house and her life.   As a result Miss Clara was there to support her, help her keep believing and celebrate victories with her.

You need support to win your battles, too.  

Find your Miss Clara, I bet you know exactly who she is.  Open your heart and let her encourage you so you can win the battle you’re fighting today.

You’ve got this, together.

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