Hope of a new day

Hope of a new day ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories
We have the blessing and the curse of a house that faces due west.  When we moved in, we had NO idea how hot that west sun would be beating in on all our windows across the back of the house.

We also had no idea how beautiful the Texas sunsets would be.  

I find myself constantly trying to capture their glowing majesty.  I see hundreds of warm colors painted in bright layers across the huge sky, only to find my photographs don’t do them any justice.   Somehow the grandeur, the brilliance, and the hope the painted sunsets radiate cannot be fully captured with our devices, they must be experienced in real-time.

That’s how they’re meant to be.

They only come once, and then they are gone forever.  It’s as if they come in the evening to bring rest and hope for a new day tomorrow.  It’s like they wrap, even the worst of days in beauty, as an enormous reminder that somehow, tomorrow will be a new day.  And that’s by design.  Because that blushing blood orange sky with the violet blue glow?

It’s the result of a long, hard day.  

During the day, the light of the sun only has to travel a short distance through relatively thin air.  But as the sun goes down on the horizon, the light has to travel longer paths and is scattered by naturally occurring polluted air molecules, as well as dust kicked up by human activity. In short, our long, busy days work together with nature, to create the most beautiful show-downs in the sky.

They bring hope for a new day.

So if ever you’re ending a long, hard day in need of reassurance that it’s all working together for your good, look for the sunset.  Watch for the brilliance painted across the sky, to serve as a reminder, to bring you hope.  Even the sun is designed to meet all the pollution of this crazy world with its bright light and turn it into a stunning masterpiece.

So are you.

Let your light shine. . . even if you think it’s cloudy.  Even if it seems like it’s surrounded by pollution and muck.  Your  light is creating the masterpiece only you, with all your experiences, can create.  That masterpieces radiates hope for a new day.

We need you.

We need your light.

to more love,


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