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This image came up in my news feed on Friday and as those “memories” always do, it took back to this moment, two years ago.  I had to stop to read the post because, that little short-haired boy with the giant grin has changed so much! It was his turn to be “Star of the week”.

This was the day we told his story to the class.


Per my assignment, I prepared a Powerpoint presentation with all his favorite things and the highlights of his life.  We read a story, written and illustrated by his classmates about all the things they loved about Oakley.  Then we passed out popcorn, his favorite snack.   He was the star and that day, everyone celebrated all the reasons why.



He was beaming, the entire day. 

It’s no coincidence that Thursday night when I was laying in bed with the boys, we did the little “5 Love Languages ” quiz for kids online.  Guess what’s the #1 way this baby feels loved?  You got it!  Words of Affirmation.  He feels most loved when we are telling him why he’s special and reminding him of all the reasons he’s so easy to love.  Even though that is counter to everything required of my daily role as his mother teaching him how to do things better, for this one, I HAVE to find more ways to remind him of all the things he does right.

To feel loved by me, he needs to be star of the week, every week.

It was also not a coincidence that on Saturday, I had a personal breakthrough about my own need to feel appreciated for the things that make me special and unique.  Something that started in my childhood, that has been weaving itself through my entire life so far.  I will write more about it, no doubt.  But for today, it’s important to remember that each of us has an innate need to be reminded of what makes us special, what makes us unique.

We need our own “Star of the Week” program. 

If you’re reading this today, you officially have two assignments:

#1.  The next time you look in the mirror today to check for spinach in your teeth or straighten that wonky eyelash extension, stop right there.  Look for 30 seconds longer and tell that girl in the mirror one thing that makes her the star of the week.  What is ONE thing that makes her special or unique?  You can do this.  You need to do this.

#2.  Think of one thing that makes a friend special and unique.  Then tell her.  I don’t care if you send her a text, a phone call, or go all out and make a photo collage on social media.  Tell her she is the #StarOfTheWeek and you just wanted her to know.

The story that brought you here this morning, wherever you are, whatever you feel like, whatever you did yesterday. . . this is the story that makes you special.  Your struggles and your hurts are making you strong, because you’re learning to work hard.  They are giving you an enormous reserve of empathy and compassion.  Your joys are giving you contagious light and love to share.  All your experiences are making you EXACTLY the special star someone needs this week, to do what only you can do.  To live your heartstory.

So show up and shine sister!

You are the Star of the Week.  

to more love,


P.S.  In case you haven’t seen him lately, I had to add this pic of my little Star of the Week ~ Girl, time flies.


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